Bryce Canyon 100

so this one time…Ep. 2

Feeling emaciated, cracked lips, aching thighs, calves and feet, I strained to place one shoe further than six inches ahead of the other.  We were making good time as we weaved in and out of the red canyons of Southern Utah, but around mile marker 42 I fell apart.  Nausea had set in along side…

Hardrock 100 Island Lake Elites

You Need to Run an Ultramarathon

Ok, hold on.  Stick with me here. I am well aware that many of you are not fond of running.  For some simply the thought of lacing up the tennies for a little jog (or “yog,” Ive heard it both ways) is nauseating and vile.  But ultra running is only a distant kin to what…

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